outsideThe Craig Family Centre has long been a treasured meeting place and children's centre for over 50 years in Ashburton community.

The Craig started its life as a result of a £2000 bequest from the niece of WEJ Craig, an early Camberwell business man.  Money was donated to the Camberwell Council to build a Children's Centre as a memorial to her uncle in the part of Ashburton known then as Alamein.

After 1948,  Alamein was originally built by the Victorian State Government to provide housing for low income families after the Second World War. Many returned servicemen settled in the area in streets named after battles they had fought, planes that had fought for them and significant events of their time during the war. The main thoroughfare was named Victory Boulevard.

Most families consisted of working men, with women who were homemakers. The young mothers wanted a community space where they and their children could meet to share experiences. They worked hard to establish 'The Craig', which evolved over the years.

outsideThe original building grew bit by bit with various sections added as funding became available. A Neighbourhood House and Health Centre (now Access Health) and  Maternal and Child Health Service was added to create The Craig a 'Community Hub'.

In the tradition of the original families, after many years of lobbying, including a petition signed by over 1200 local residents, the City of  Boroondara's Council approved a four year old kindergarten at the Craig, and to the delight of local families the original childcare centre was demolished and works began on our new Children's Hub! In 2015 our newest development was opened and and in 2016 our four year old kindergarten program took its first enrolments.

The Craig Family Centre looks forward to continuing to grow with the Ashburton community and upholding our strong tradition of providing welcoming, relevant quality services to local residents


2018 Committee of Management 

As elected Wednesday 18 April 2018 at the CFC Annual General Meeting  

Chair: Linda Keyser
Deputy Chair: Joy Vogt
Secretary: Bob Stensholt
Treasurer: Peter Sizeland
Ordinary Members: Adrian Bloch, Lil Bara-Macey & Pippa Loveday
Manager: Elana Bonner