Disability Programs


The Craig provides support for families with adults with intellectual disabilities.

The Craig aims to give young people with an intellectual disability the resilience to live more independently in their community.We do this by providing 2 support services each week facilitated by qualified community workers, who foster meaningful relationships with participants through guidance and support.

Our program promotes:

  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Community

A-CREW - Saturday Outing Group

A-Crew supports members to become more independent in the community.

  • Travel literacy:  Planning our trip, reading timetables & using a myki.
  • Money literacy and budgeting:  Learning how to make money choices.
  • Social contact within the community:  Understanding expectation in the community.
  • Healthy food choices:  Learning about healthy food choices.








ACE SPACE - Tuesday afternoon Group

Ace Space support members to have fun with others in a group setting. 

  • Activity: Activities change weekly and can be a challenging group task such as a quiz,  a craft project, game, movie, meditation or sharing opportunity.
  • Gardening:  Learn about growing food and healthy food choices.
  • Cooking:  Learn kitchen skills and cook food we have grown in our garden.

More information:

To get involved contact our Disability Support Coordinator

Email: disability@craigfc.org.au




HACC logoAll programs are funded by HACC (Home and Community Care)